1. Read on my dear readers :-)

    Read on my dear readers :-)

  2. Why not sport a robe de soiree courte this saturday night ?

    A fine cocktail dress is one you could wear out into a dinner date or to a semiformal event, but wherever you put it on, it has to look good on your body. Cocktail dresses come in many styles and it is imperative that you find the one that best fits your shape. A cocktail dress that fits well creates an hourglass silhouette on your body and aids to evenly balance out your body’s proportions.

    A hour-glass silhouette gives the chimera of balance between your hips as well as your bust, having a waistline that seems like it has been taken in to give shape to your own body. Whatever the contour of the body, a dress that matches it well and allows you to appear terrific will allow you to feel as good as you appear.

    You’ll find five essential body shapes and you have to consider yours when picking out a cocktail dress.

    Apple Shaped - Women with an apple shaped body have less defined midsections and they might have a bit more weight around their middles. Many women with this shape also have a fuller breasts. The dress you select should give the body a streamlined look, so you need to avoid dresses that are loose fitting or seem to don’t have any shape.

    Pear Shaped - A woman that has a bigger breasts and smaller hips has a pear shaped body. You should think about a short dress or robe de soiree courte as the french say, as it draws the eye away from your hips and towards your very best asset, your upper body. A halter neckline or strapless dress functions well for women with this body type.

    Athletic - Slender, athletic body shapes don’t have curves to hide as they look straight up and down The dress you select should give you the illusion of curves through the use of an empire waist, ruffles at the top or a peplum dress functions well too.

    Upside Down Triangle - This shape features broader shoulders or a bigger bust and smaller hips. You need the eye to be attracted to your waist or hips, perhaps not your upper body. Dresses with v-necks, honey necklines or spaghetti straps on your robe de soiree courte function nicely together with your body conformation.